Find the Leading Human Resource Outsourcing Companies in Los Angeles, CA

Regulatory compliance is key within any company. Without proper HR guidance for small businesses, your company is exposed to a lot of liability and is at risk for lawsuits and government intervention. CorHR is one of the top human resource outsourcing companies in Los Angeles, CA, and specializes in a full range of HR outsourcing services designed to maximize efficiency in your workplace and provide regulatory compliance. Our HR consulting services offer access to your own human resources expert who provides a comprehensive strategic assessment of your company identifying areas for improvement.

CorHR has a combined 80 years of experience in helping companies and focuses on offering management skills development training and compliance for small businesses. We assist new and growing companies in establishing robust company policies that foster a welcoming work environment for your team. We connect you to our professional network of resources that can help your business grow. To learn more, contact our team today at (949) 363-0084.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are HR services offered by an outsourced provider?

An outsourced provider such as CorHR offers a variety of HR services, such as strategic assessments, development of company policies, professional management skills development training, and helping to establish a new company culture.

How do you outsource HR?

CorHR is your strategic HR business partner designed to work with you and your in-house resource. We operate as an extension of your business to provide the services you need to ensure compliance and at a fraction of the cost of the overhead expense of having to hire our expertise on your payroll.