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Our experience in human resources can help your business advance to the next level.

We know that no two businesses are alike or have the same HR needs. We tailor our services for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re growing, maintaining or planning to sell your business, or whether you have 50 employees or 500, CorHR can help you unleash the power of your people. We start working with you by performing an initial diagnostic assessment, to better understand your current HR function and prescribe how we can best serve your needs.

Our services include:

Strategic HR Assessment

Before we initiate any ongoing client relationship with a company of 50 employees or more, our first step is to perform a strategic HR assessment. By understanding where your company is today and the challenges you’re facing, we can uncover problem areas (that you may not be aware of) and discover what is serving you well and what isn’t. We want to know what keeps you awake at night and provide peace of mind. Learn more about our HR assessment process.

Federal, state and local employment regulations are challenging to navigate. CorHR offers a comprehensive approach to review your specific business needs and assess your risk exposure. Let us help you mitigate risks through compliance to protect your business today, tomorrow and in the future.

Company Policies

Many times a business isn’t compliant with employment practices and realizes they’re too late when a complaint is filed. CorHR develops thorough and compliant HR policies. We will help you become proactive and regularly review your employee handbook to ensure compliance as laws change.  We offer initial creation and updates of employee handbooks and employment procedures to meet your specific needs.

Manager Skills Development Training

Leadership effectiveness is an important driver of your business’ success. CorHR’s management development training provides opportunities for professional growth while also keeping an eye on developing new talent for your succession planning. CorHR can help create a succession plan for your business and a game plan to build bench skills. This includes: how to provide constructive feedback, how to create SMART objectives, or how to manage and document performance. Your team will learn how to align performance with strategic business objectives and liberate you to fulfill your vision.

Company Culture

Company culture means different things to different people. Does your team know why your company exists and why their work matters?  Do they understand your corporate vision and how they contribute to the company’s success? Is it reflected in your talent acquisition processes? CorHR can help you and your leadership team foster a productive work environment – your company culture – to fulfill your strategic vision. Let us help you develop or refresh your company mission and vision statements, put an acute focus on your company’s value statements, and apply strategic focus to your talent management processes.

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